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Goalkeeper equipment

It is essential that young goalkeepers be properly equiped for safety and self esteem.


A decent pair of gloves will protect the hands and make it easier to hold onto the ball.

Purchasing gloves:

  • Spend around $20 if playing up to U-14
  • Gloves appropriate for high school will start around $40.
  • Very few stores in the Boston area have a reasonable stock of gloves and they disapear very quickly.
  • The best, and at times only, source for gloves is on-line. I recomend looking at: - Biggest and best selection - More gloves on the cheaper side but some are quite decent

Glove Fit:

  • Gloves should be on the large size and not fit snugly.
  • Most players at the U-14 level will wear size 7 or 8. The sites have sizing guidelines and charts
  • As a rule the glove should extend past the end of the finger by about 1/2 inch.
Glove Care

  • The best way to care for gloves is for them to never touch anything but the ball. This is, of course, impossible but the less the foam palms are scuffed and abused the longer the glove will last
  • Washing gloves is a good practice but washing them wrong will ruin them.
    • Do not put gloves in the washing machine or dryer.
    • Do not use soap on the foam glove palms.
    • Rub dirt off the glove under running water to get the grim out of the foam.
    • Roll the gloves in a towel to get the excess water out and hang to dry.
    • Do not dry in the sun or over a heater. 


Goalkeepers should have or be provided with an appropriate shirt:
  • Goalkeepers should not be the "kid in the pinnie". Give them something to be proud of.
  • For youth soccer, I recomend a short sleeved shirt that is similar to the team jerseys but in a contrasting color. Long sleeved shirts are too hot in warm weather and don't provide any real protection
    • Cheap: $8 plus shipping and just a couple of bucks more if you want a number on the back.
    • Available in 17 colors. For CYS stay away from the greens and blues.
    • Size: Adult Small fits most U-14 players with room to spare.


Goalkeepers are always allowed to wear long pants if they wish to:

  • Pants are seldom necessary on grass fields but some turf fields can be rough on the legs and hips.
  • Pants shoud not restrict movement in any way.

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