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Keeper Clinic

Keeper clinics are open to girls and boys in U-12 and up. Coaches are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

Mondays and Wednesdays
5:00 to 6:30.
Danehy 2

Next clinic:
In the Fall

All done for the Spring. If I can I will hold limited sessions in the Fall. have a good summer.


Teaching Goalkeeping


In soccer the goalkeeper's responsibilities, limitations, privilages, and required skills are unlike any other player on the field. Forward, midfielders, and backs play by the same rules requiring the same skill set. Goalkeepers are the sole player on the field with their own set of regulations and responsibilities. Even the clothes are unique.

Young goalkeepers generally play with little or no instruction as coaches seldom have the time or knowledge to help them. This, unfortunately, often leads to embarrassment, burn-out, and too often injury.

Just a little but of help goes a long way when the player is interested and the instruction is focused and enjoyable.





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